Our d'hair story

Do you remember your third-grade teacher?
Well, Beth, Eileen’s d’hair partner, does! 

One day, Beth was giving a keynote address on entrepreneurial business development when Eileen instantly recognized her as her former student. Beth recognized her, too, and delighted to be reunited, Eileen and Beth began getting together regularly.

While enjoying lunch together, their conversation turned to their mutual love of water activities and their unfortunate byproduct: hair damage.

Together, they decided that no one should have to avoid the activities they love out of worry for their hair. As fate would have it, Eileen had been working on an invention to solve this very problem! Beth loved it and encouraged her to share it with the world.

From this reunion, our d’hair, a new category in aqua leisure hair protection, was born!

Eileen and Beth are both executive leaders in their fields who understand the struggle and juggle of balancing family life, work projects, and recreation.

Daring, confident women want to embrace life’s demands and pleasures without worrying about their hair. With d’hair, women are empowered to embrace an active lifestyle worry-free.

Do you d’hair to live confidently with us?

Your d’hair partners,
Eileen and Beth