Frequently Asked Questions

How do you
pronounce d'hair?

Say it with us, “dare”!
Our name embodies the confidence our wearers exude: daring, empowered, comfortable, active,
and beautiful. Do you d’hair?

How can one size
fit most?

Because d’hair’s extraordinary fabric is breathable, soft, and made of four-way stretch material, you have options for how to wear it.

Our helpful illustrations give you some tips for comfort and style, and we encourage you to customize this no-tie water-resistant hair turban in whatever way feels right!

You can customize the look
and fit of d'hair by how much you tuck the cap into the band.

Who is the lady
on the pouch?

Her name is Bleen, and she’s pleased to make your acquaintance.
A combination of the d’hair partners’ names, B is for Beth and Leen is for Eileen. She’s elegant, playful, and fearless—just like you! She loves her turban-style headwear, and so will you!

How versatile is this product, really?

We’ve received a long list of uses from d’hair wearers that include water aerobics classes, bathing toddlers, shopping on rainy days, preserving blowouts, sunbathing, kayaking, long bubble baths, feeling beautiful when life events or medical treatments result in hair thinning, in between washes, in between salon visits, chaperoning kids at the pool…and the list goes on!

It’s much more than an
aqua leisure accessory.

Keep it close when the sun goes down and it’s time for your evening skincare routine or a nice hair conditioning treatment, then wear it to bed to prevent hair breakage while you sleep. Wake up and look fabulous all over again.

Connect with us to share
how you d’hair!

How can I share d'hair?

The perfect hostess gift, wonderful for your wedding party, birthday gift, reunions and d’hair packaging perfectly sized as the best stocking stuffer. No matter the age, d’hair is the perfect gift as it encourages activity, exercise and healthy living.

We’re making it worth it to share this product with friends who’ll love d’hair water-resistant hair accessories as much as you do.
All orders of 6+ d’hair hair caps receive 10% off listed price and all orders of 12+ d’hair hair caps receive 15% off listed price.

What are the main things I need to know?

The four icons you see on our water-resistant pouches and throughout the website tell you that
d’hair is water-resistant, offers
UV protection, should not be fully submerged, and should be hand washed to extend its life.

How can I sell d’hair in my store?

Please send an e-mail to and a team member will get back to you.

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